Sunday 28th
Sunday 28th

17:00 Welcome and Pre-registration.
Icebreaker Cocktail at Hotel Aiden Best Western


08:30: Welcome and Registration / Welcome coffee

09:00: Welcome Address

09:30: Keynote Lecture: WISAMO: Engineered by Michelin and powered by wind, Michel Desjoyeaux, French navigator and Gildas Quemener, CEO of Wisamo.

10:30: Coffee break

11:00: Session 1: Foils

11:00: An Investigation into the Effect of Ventilation, Bulbs and Flow Turbulence on Lifting T Foil Performance, Iain Duncan, Thomas Goodman, Margot Cocard, Sandy Day, Saishuai Dai, University of Strathclyde, Scotland

11:30: Tonal noise control versus performances on NACA0015 hydrofoil, Paul François, Basile Lère, Xavier Amandolese, Jacques-André Astolfi, IRENav French Naval Academy, LMSSC Cnam, France

12:00: Lunch break

14:00: Session 2: Performance, VPP

14:00: VPP Driven Parametric Study on AC75 Hydrofoil Design, Rafael Tannenberg, Stephen R. Turnock, Karsten Hochkirch, Stephen W. Boyd, University of Southampton, UK, DNV Ship Performance Center, Germany

14:30: An Active Learning Strategy for Joint Surrogate Models with Compatibility Conditions: Application to VPP, Malo Pocheau, Olivier Le Maître, Renaud Bañuls, Bañulsdesign, CNRS, Centre de Mathématiques Appliquées, Ecole Polytechnique, France

15:00: Tackling Modern Sailing Challenges with a CFD-based Dynamic VPP, Pierre Robin, Alban Leroyer, David de Prémorel, Jeroen Wackers, LHEEA Lab – Centrale Nantes/CNRS, Finot-Conq Architectes Navals, France

15:30Coffee break

16:00: Session 3: Foils (continued), then Structure, Life Cycle Assessment

16:00: Influence of Wing Aspect Ratio and Free-Surface Proximity on Hydrofoil Lift and Drag, Hugo Nicolas, Paolo Perali, Matthieu Sacher, Patrick Bot, IRENav French Naval Academy, ENSTA Bretagne, France

16:30: Calibration of Finite Element Models to Analyse the Progressive Failure of Racing Yacht Bows During Crash Scenarios, Alex Melia, Mark Battley, Tom Allen, University of Auckland, New Zealand

17:00: Holistic lifecycle assessments made in maritime industry: A systematic review and proposals for future research directions in racing boats eco-design, Lucas Jacquet, Antoine Le duigou, Olivier Kerbrat, ENS Rennes GeM, Université de Bretagne Sud IRDL, France

17:30: Presentation of the Foiling Organization > Luca Rizzotti

17:45: Visit of high performance yachts on the docks / Boat trips / Zip line descent


08:30: Welcome and Registration / Welcome coffee

9:00 : Keynote Lecture: Sail aerodynamics: from fundamental research to translation, Ignazio M. Viola, Professor of Fluid Mechanics and Bioinspired Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh

10:00: Session 4: Foils FSI

10:00: Fluid-Structure Interactions response of a composite hydrofoil modelled with 1D beam finite elements, Antoine Faye, Paolo Perali, B. Augier, M. Sacher, , J.-B. Leroux, A. Nême, J.-A. Astolfi, IRENav French Naval Academy, ENSTA Bretagne IRDL, IFREMER, France

10:30: Coffee break

11:00: Comprehensive design flow for appendage modal analysis and flutter Investigation, Paul Kerdraon, Adrien Leplingard, Xavier Guisnel, VPLP Design, France, EPFL, Switzerland

11:30: Coupled Strip Theory and Finite Element Method for Stability Analysis of Composite Hydrofoils, Galen NG, Eirikur Jonsson, Sicheng He, Joaquim R.R.A. Martins, The University of Michigan, USA

12:00: A Volume Penalization method coupled with the Lattice Boltzmann approach for modeling Fluid-Structure Interaction, Erwan Liberge, Claudine Béghein, LaSIE CNRS – La Rochelle Université, France

12:30: Lunch break

13:00 and 13:30 Company visit: LORIMA

14:00: Group picture

14:10: Pitch presentations from companies (x2)

14:10: Avel Robotics

14:20: Hydroptère

14:30: Session 5: Sails

14:30: Modelling Upwind Aerodynamics of the NACRA 17 with Dynamic FSI, Stig Knudsen, Jens Honoré Walther, Brian Nyvang Legarth, Laura Marimon Giovanetti, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark, RISE, Sweden

15:00: Experimental Force Measurements and Flow Visualisation around Downwind Yacht Sails, Jean-Baptiste Souppez, Ignazio Maria Viola, Aston University, University of Edinburgh, UK,

15:30: Coffee break

16:00: Wind-Tunnel Investigation of the ILCA 7 MKII Sail in Downwind Conditions, Gustaf Magnander, Lars Larsson, RISE, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

16:30: Understanding Sail Performance in Terms of Characteristic Luff and Leech Forces, Neil Temperley, Consultant, Australia

17:00: Presentation of PUFFIn, an open tool for foils: Paolo Perali, ENSTA Bretagne, France

17:15: Presentation of the Journal of Sailing Technology, SNAME SC2 panel, HPYD > Jean-Baptiste Souppez, Karsten Hochkirch, Nicolas Aubin

17:45: Visit of high performance yachts on the docks / Boat trips / Zip line descent

18:00 and 18:30: Company visit: AVEL ROBOTICS

19:30: Banquet


08:30: Welcome and Registration / Welcome coffee

09:00: Keynote Lecture: Wind assistance in ship propulsion: time to scale it up, Simon Watin/VPLP Design

09:55: Session 6: Wind assisted ships

09:55: Sailing Performance of Wind-Powered Cargo Vessel in Unsteady Conditions, Martin Kjellberg, Frederik Gerhardt, Sofia Werner, RISE, Sweden

10:20: Coffee break

10:40: Session 6: Wind assisted ships

10:40: PERFO: Methodology benchmark for Wind Assisted Propulsion Ship Performance Estimation, Juliette Bataille, Camille Blayo, Pierrick Sergent, Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore, France

11:05: Evaluation of the flow state over a rigid wing-sail through tell-tale detection using computer vision, Ulysse Dhomé, Cynthia El Khoury, Jakob Kuttenkeuler, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, Polytech Sorbonne, France

11:30: Weather Routing Benefit for Different Wind Propulsion Systems, Maxime Dupuy, Lucas Letournel, Ville Paakkari, François Rongère, Severi Sarsila, Louis Vuillermoz, LIX, Ecole Polytechnique, D-ICE Engineering, France, NORSEPOWER, Finland

11:55: Pitch presentations from companies (x3)

11:55 : Propelwind

12:05 : Wind Support NYC

12:15 : Mer Concept

12:25 : Alwena Shipping

12:30: Lunch break

13:00: Company visit : SODEBO

13:50: Session 6 (continued): Wind assisted ships

13:50: Numerical investigation of the seakeeping of a Flettner rotors-propelled catamaran in beam waves, Fabio Pili, Aurélien Babarit, Félicien Bonnefoy, Grégory S. Payne, École Centrale Nantes LHEEA, Farwind Energy, France

14:15: Hydrodynamic Optimization of Ships with Retrofitted WASP-Systems, Hannes Renzsch, Fabian Thies, Friendship Systems AG, Germany

14:40: Modelling of aerodynamic interaction effects for wind propulsion applied in commercial shipping: Development of a non-linear lifting line method, Joost Schot, Maxime Garenaux, MARIN, the Netherlands

15:05: Round Table « Performance assessment in wind shipping : what are the needs ? how capitalise the lessons learnt from ocean racing ? »


16:00: Conference closing